8BallStock | Inventory Management system

8BallStock is used to keep track of your current inventory and help you manage it.

The installation takes under 5 minutes. You can easily add and delete products. You can edit products right off the data table efficiently. Overall solid script to help you keep track of your product inventory.

Demo: https://8ballstocks.redrum.pro


  • Login system
  • Reset password
  • Create new accounts
  • Page dedicated to adding and deleting records
  • Powerful data tables
  • Fully responsive

Inventory Table

  • Advanced sorting (Sort by (category, quantity & product name ) ascending, descending)
  • Show X records (10,50, 100, 150)
  • In row Editing of records
  • In row deleting of records (coming in next update)

Future updates

  • Transaction log
  • Delete products right off the data table
  • Multiple languages
  • Statistics page (total products, number of total products in the inventory+ total quantity & more)
  • Will add more features if i can think of any! Feel free to add suggestions.


  • Various Javascript & SVG animations.
  • Dark mode toggle
  • full redesign of the user interface
  • More mobile responsiveness 


  • v1.0 Initinial release 2019-10-20
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