Frain Microfinance Savings and Loan Management System

Frain Microfinance (based on PHP and Mysql framework) is a seamless savings and loan management system built with ease of use in mind, and to streamline all aspects of the microfinance banking industry with less cost and in no time. Main features include savings account, loan management, up to four different loan products with declining and or flat interest rate calculation, savings and interest management, loan amortization/breakdown, default penalty, appealing customer and admin interface, easy messaging and accounting system. Feel free to download and start using this app.



  • Admin interface
  • User/Customer interface
  • Savings account and interest management
  • Loan management
  • Up to four different loan products
  • Declining and or flat interest rate calculation
  • Loan amortization/breakdown
  • Defaulter penalty and roll over
  • Appealing customer and admin interface
  • Easy messaging system
  • Seamless date-wise/monthly/yearly accounting system



  • View all customers
  • Add new customer
  • Update customer info
  • Approve/decline deposits requests from users
  • Approve/decline withdrawal
  • Adds new deposit (credit) or withdrawal (debit) with optional comment
  • View customer account balance
  • View all borrowers’ info
  • Add new borrower
  • Approve/decline loan request from customers
  • Add loan repayment
  • Tracks loan repayment history
  • Send message to customers
  • Add employees
  • Update employees’ info
  • Loan and system settings



  • Create new account from the front
  • View account balance
  • Make deposit
  • Make withdrawal
  • Transfer money to another account
  • Track transaction history
  • Print transaction receipt
  • Update own password
  • Apply for loan
  • Track loan history
  • Loan repayment
  • Send message to admin
  • Update passport photo (if enabled by admin)




Admin login


Username: admin

Password: admin123


Customer login


Account number: 8229917820

Password: 12345 or create a new user account

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